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Adi Zur

Mixed Media, Booth 402

I was born in Tel-Aviv where I studied philosophy and was an art teacher. I immigrated to Toronto, studied at OCAD and graduated with an Honours degree. As a full-time artist, I showcase my works at various galleries, and have sold many of my works to private collectors.  My work is published in a few art books. I am intensely moved by a notion of a "connector" - an umbilical cord, if you will - which joins us to knowledge, harnessed in the distant past, but driving us into an uncertain future. My paintings are born out of a sense that in the midst of this whorl of media and information there is a calm eye to the storm.  I believe that we have lost a connection to this center, just as we have all but lost access to a more fundamental, ancient knowledge.    In my artwork, I use oil paint and combine collage with photographs that I take randomly in my day to day life, and headlines from newspapers.  My work, with the use of collage, reveals my own personal path through this chaos.