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Celine Gabrielle

Painting, Untapped, Booth U-13

I love bright, bright colours, in big hunks and chunks. But not quite abstract. Just displaced. Detail zoomed in on. Texture and shade, folded-in-on itself to present something altogether different but recognizable. Alluring and intriguing. Never boring. Always engaging. Right now that comes out as oil paintings, on big canvases of close-up sections of garments in bold, bold colours with a lot of texture and detail. I start with an image or a piece of fashion that inspires me, it has to grab me in a “wow” kind of way. I’m slow. I work in many layers. I start with acrylic to block in main colours and shapes quickly. Then I switch to oils. I take my time carefully studying my references and refining section by section. I love that my paintings look realistic from far, but up close it becomes a collage of colour and shapes—like an illusion.  I paint because it’s fun. I get energy from the colours and the challenge of painting in a realistic/pop art kind of way.  I want the joy and pleasure I have in making my paintings to go with them.