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Charlotte Wiiliams

Painting, Booth 806

I try to capture images in my landscapes that will arouse memories and feelings from the past. They are meant to evoke a feeling or a memory of a landscape experienced and hidden deep in the mind. I create in Acrylic on Canvas but also introduce watercolours to give a transparency and depth. All my titles for are quotes from the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, which reflect my heritage, and which also help to create the mood and emotions of nostalgia and longing. Although I work full time at a very boring desk job, I paint in my spare time and on weekends with generally a rush of activity and creative inspiration when I have deadlines for another show. My studio is my kitchen island which makes for some interesting talking points over meals. Living in a century farmhouse in the countryside of Oro Medonte (which is very reminiscent of areas where I grew up in the UK). I incorporate the large skies and open fields of the area together with the seasonal changes to produce paintings that I hope speak to many people of many places they have seen and visited.