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David Krovblit

Collage, Booth 919

California-based visual artist David Krovblit fuses imagery from vintage books and magazines with his original photography to produce hand-assembled collages.  His visionary work is a reflection of his vivid imagination and almost dream state; an other-worldly consciousness. His asymmetrically designed depictions explore such themes as the preciousness of nature, the fragility of life and death, science fiction, fantasy and tongue-and-cheek social commentary. Krovblit’s work often triggers a reaction to the core - stimulating laughter, intrigue, nostalgia and amazement.Krovblit visually retells stories referencing and blending 19th century botanicals, pop surrealism, mythological icons, pulp and retro futurism. Krovblit’s constantly evolving process combines old and new methods. Designed digitally, he prints the entire image at the desired scale (preferably large), then cuts the layers by hand and re-assembles them with adhesive on custom-sized, cradled wood panels. Using instinct and flow to achieve the final composition, krovblit is experimental - often diverting from his original layout in the analogue phase (pasting). A final coat(s) of resin seals the work and adds dimension.  With his signature large-scale production Krovblit, has achieved a new paradigm in collage art. Traditionally, the collage size has been limited by the size of the original pieces. While the collages’ remastered stories as a whole are personally compelling and relatable to the soul, the eye is visually prompted to inspect the work’s physical elements more closely. Details such as paper that is poking up and outwards or suspended in thick resin, pastel strokes, paint splatter - even a layer of dazzling glitter or sugary fine glass become apparent. Krovblit’s stunning work has been seen in galleries and art fairs across North America. Most recently he has been featured in Exhibitions at Downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery and at Salt Fine Art in Laguna Beach. He will also be participating in an auspicious art auction at the Laguna Museum in January 2020