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David Tomlin

Painting, Booth 1029

David Tomlin is a self-taught Canadian artist who pursues his talent through painting and continuing education at the Haliburton School of Art and Design.  David has participated in numerous art and gallery shows and many of his paintings are in private collections in Ontario, Alberta, Florida, New York, France and Germany.  Featuring abstracted shapes in vibrant colour, his paintings evoke the tension between the opposing forces of order and chaos found in creation. Each piece of artwork provokes emotion and dialogue, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own experience of such an encounter.  Together with a love of colour and a passion for design, David's paintings evoke a sense of contemplative spirituality. The concept of ‘flourishing’ and what it means to thrive in life is a prominent theme in his artwork as he seeks to create ‘contemporary paintings for a transfigured state of being.’  His desire to integrate these artistic influences in his paintings continue to guide him in deepening and broadening his voice as a Canadian painter.