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Diana Rosa

Painting, Booth 613

Diana Rosa’s unique artworks combine keen observation with a free and honest style of painting. Uninhibited by technical draughtsmanship, her works has a visual ‘pop’ through his bold use of colour, flat layering. Diana’s work has been described as naïve. Her simplistic style of painting can often mean that the hidden complexities in her work - including her powers of observation, her humorous reflections on society, and her deeper references to art history - can be inadvertently overlooked. She employed a Naïve Folk-Art style to explore questions of identity, love, relationship and environment in our society. Her paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy. She makes personal women’s experiences serious subjects for art, but because of their intense emotional content, her paintings transcend boundaries by their powerful and intimate narratives. Greatly influenced by modern masters from Cezanne, Henri Matisse to Frida Kahlo