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Photography, Booth 708

Christina Sideris (Equipoise) devoted 13 years in the Commercial and Fashion Photography industry while also recognized internationally as a Photographer and Creative Director.  In 2018, Equipoise refocused her attention to the creative aspect of photography with her series ‘Oasis’ which initiated her exploration into digital editing, presentation and accessibility in a Fine Arts context.  One year prior, 2017 Equipoise was featured under ‘Christina Sideris’ in The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Art Museum for an exhibit called ‘Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood’. The installation boasted a 9ft gallery curated by the AGO, a featured published book and a 40-foot photography installation campaign entitled #WANTED.  With ambition to continue creative work and reach a greater audience, Equipoise’s most recent Art Series pushes the boundaries of visual presentation for digital artworks. Equipoise has partnered with Artistry by Design- Illuminated Art Boxes and is the featured artist for artworks being displayed on this revolutionary and dynamic surface that increases the size of potential in elevating two-dimensional artworks to an atmospheric installation. The Digital Scapes Series: (Vol.1) Unseen Like Before; This series was conceived through a fascination and curiosity with the development and complexity of urban city planning and a juxtaposition with the contrasting, untouched landscapes of the Mojave and Sonoran Desert. Pursuing her visual representations and contrast compositions reflecting on socio-geographic development, Equipoise continues to present her art work predominantly on the Artistry by Design Illuminated Art Boxes though her work may extend to all printed mediums.  “I want to harness the energy and flow of chaos in an urban city; next to the unwinding calm stillness in the desert.” Equipoise’s work seeks to find that moment where calm meets chaos in a split moment of incredible timing and detail-oriented instinct.  Equipoise is currently developing her new series entitled ‘Romancing Utopias’.  This collection brings the viewers’ perspective into more intimate cityscapes that delve deeper into the image photographically and conceptually.  ‘Romancing Utopias’ celebrates the inherent quest for beauty while challenging the balance of ‘real’ vs ‘ideal’.