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Karin Silverstone

Drawing, Booth 912

Silverstone graduated from the University of Guelph in 1994, specializing in Fine Art and French studies. She lives in Guelph where she teaches Visual Art part-time at two local high schools. Her practice of repurposing material slated for landfill reflects her concern for the environment. She explores mixed media techniques as she manipulates traditional with non-traditional, however her goal is to focus on drawing as a means to an end. These landscapes continue to explore trees but also include remnants of wallpaper to add variety and enhance the connection to the original purpose of the lath. Plaster and acrylic washes set the backdrop for her graphite artworks capturing local scenery, hoping to trigger involuntary memories or acts as reminder to take care of our land. The N/W and numbers are in reference to the longitude and latitude of where her photographic references were taken. This is her 4th year at TAP.