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Kira Varvanina

Sculpture, Booth 218

Formally trained as an architect, Kira Varvanina has been pursuing her artistic career since 2011. Her diverse practice started with installation art. Her numerous temporary installations were featured at local shows such as Come Up To My Room and The Artist Project. Since then, Kira has created a business geared to artisanal children’s interior design. It is in this endeavor Kira had a chance to explore lasercutting techniques and hone her silkscreening skills. As a natural progression that brings in elements of her earlier works, her artistic work re-presents natural formations: cliffs, mountains and coastlines. Her unique vision and expertise are manifested through intricate three dimensional art pieces. She continues to combine her technological skills to explore complexity of the natural world. As an artist, Kira seeks to find and create harmony in the chaotic beauty of nature.