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Martine Côté

Photography, Booth 219

At the heart of my visual language: time, movement and light. I pursue the latter, conscious of its ephemerality and movement. I am presenting at the Artist Project two series: Filées & Portraits. Filées - At the heart of this series is a profound sense of place, as I explore the dance between time and light, movement and stillness, ephemerality and permanence. I inhale and inhabit the essence of a scene, teasing out the vibration from the stillness, the quick impression from the lasting effect, the nuance from the familiar. The viewer dives into both the scene and its spirit. Portraits - I feel some urgency to capture rural buildings while still standing tall and proud, on their own, in the fields and various topographies. In situ, in their company, particularly on snowy days, I 'hear the silence' that surrounds them, disconcerting in comparison to the melodies of the city. I learn with them to appreciate solitude. They also teach me resilience and the courage to stand up in adversity. Just as my camera and lenses are essential to my art, so too is the printing process indispensable to accomplish my creative vision. I print the photographs in my atelier. I completed art studies in Quebec before achieving a bachelor's degree in business in France where I developed a critical eye vis-a-vis the image-message and a rigorous approach to photography.