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Phil Carriere

Photography, Booth 129

When you look at an image, what do you hear? All of my images are influenced by music. I want to find in my art the same emotions, the same vibe you would in music. Sometimes, it's the raw blues of Muddy Watter, other, the electric sound of Led Zepplin or Jimi Hendrix, a trip-hop mellow beat or more recently, a grand symphony from Beethoven. That being said, making the picture a small part of a longer, more complex process. As I have spent most of my professional career in the print and woodworking industries, I see a limitless way to bring my photography to life. In a way, the image is the soul and the creative process what defines it. My passion is not about photography, print technology or woodworking. For me, one does not go without the other. Making quality images, conceive unique finishing process and creating art that makes a statement, this is what I live for!