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Stephanie Rivet

Painting, Booth 133

Stéphanie Rivet was born in Montreal in 1972. She displayed a strong interest for the arts and painting at a very young age, but she also had an interest for everything related to sciences and mathematics. Her desire to express herself through paintings was always present. After studying mathematics at University, she redirected her studies and obtained a Fine Arts degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Since 1998, she exhibited her paintings in several art galleries. In 2008, she left teaching mathematics to devote herself entirely to her art. Rivet' s works are inspired by nature, and her paintings are mainly abstract. She says of her work ‘’Working in an abstract style allows me to use my creativity freely. For me, creativity is to accept the unknown, to welcome the unexpected as an opportunity, and to not be afraid of failure. Believing that the result will be even more beautiful than what I had originally planned, encourages me to make exciting discoveries". Stephanie is represented in art galleries accross Canada and USA since 1998. Her work is part of corporate and private collections around the world.