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Vincent Devine

Painting, Booth 500

Vincent Devine is an Internationally exhibited Professional Artist based in Ireland.  His work has been shown in Hong Kong, Miami, The UK, Ireland and this will be his third year showing at The Artist Project. In his "Ambigutree Series", nearly all of the paintings contain hidden shapes in the trees or branches. Some are symbolic and some literal. The hidden shapes in the trees also ask the viewer to search and spend time on the paintings for longer. This is a commentary on how sometimes artwork can be skimmed over and judged on just a purely visual spectrum. The reward for standing and allowing the painting to occupy your mental and physical space then gives the visual reward that there are more to these "trees" than meets the eye with the shapes becoming apparent after a time. Vincent's work has been lauded and commissioned by some of the worlds best known celebrities including J.K Rowling, Alanis Morissette, Shakira and many more.  He is also producing work to support his manifesto called "Manifesto Neo-Dimenisonism" which saw the debut of this work in Ireland sell out to a prominent billionaire.