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Zoey Zoric

Painting, Booth 407

Everything I do is to strengthen the most important relationship, the relationship with the self. I believe our greatest strengths are rooted in our own positive inner life. I create oil paintings that are inspiring portraits of personal power and self-love. My paintings serve as a physical reminder, reinforcing your commitment to acceptance and self-love. The intimate portraits provide a focus on powerful models and their relationship with the self. I highlight a trait that they love, an aspect that makes them utterly unique. This is often something that has required some work to accept. These are the details that need compassion, acceptance, and love. Emotions that we often generously give to others, and rarely lavish upon ourselves. I explore the concepts of self-acceptance, steps to self-compassion, and acts of self-love. This relationship is an ever-changing journey, a practice, a habit. Come experience my work in person at The Artist Project.